4 inclined vane rotary blowers

Aluminium body equipped with high-speed, low-friction ball bearings
to guarantee a quick response and high rotation fluidity.

Our 4 inclined vane rotary blowers have a metal dust cover to prevent dirt from entering. This item does not require special maintenance interventions and carries out perfect cleaning of freshly sanded boards before the subsequent finishing operations.

The rotary vanes are made from brass and the nozzle that enables the air flow to escape has a 1.25 mm hole, while the end part of the vane has a standard 120° inclination.

Body details

Body: Aluminium
Body thread: M 28 x 1.5
Body diameter: 35 mm
Total height: 54 mm

Rotary vane details

Rotary vanes: Brass
Nozzle hole: 1.25 mm
Total height: 65 mm
Vane inclination: 120°

Vane width dimensions

120 mm
170 mm

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