About us

Zephyr: a world “of air”

Zephyr was established as a company specialising in the production of airbrushes and airbrush guns for spray painting and decoration, subsequently expanding to produce other products in the world of compressed air. We make available to our customers 2 and 4 linear vane rotary blowers, 2 and 4 inclined vane rotary blowers and much, much more.

Our care in the production of every single piece and our attention to our customers’ requirements allow us to produce products that are guaranteed in terms of quality, durability and reliability, offering a 100% Italian product.

The satisfaction of our customers is also achieved through our support and advice service, making available our vast expertise.

Our features


In finishes and workmanship.


Professional tools, also suitable for DIY experts.


Due to the choice of high-quality raw materials.

Made in Italy

100% designed, built and assembled entirely in Italy.